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The Best of the Newgrounds Audio Portal

2010-03-01 20:19:27 by GladiusObscurus

I love the Audio Portal. The first song I've ever downloaded from it was Anxiety Cure by RenoakRhythm. I am writing this post to review some of the best [music] artists on Newgrounds.

I was always a fan of Nighthawk22. I'm pretty sure most of you have heard of him. Some of his classics are Aurora, Euphoria, and Starscape IV. A very inspirational artist, Nighthawk22 is among the best stars of the Audio Portal.

Another prodigy is ParagonX9. I actually heard of ParagonX9 from a member of our robotics team. My favorite songs from her are the Chaoz songs, such as Chaoz Fantasy and Chaoz Airflow. ParragonX9 has definetely inspired many users on Newgrounds.

You can't leave out NemesisTheory. NemesisTheory has created a large amount of songs, and all of them are phenomenal. I love listening to her music. It's some of the best stuff on the Audio Portal. One of NemesisTheory's

HalcyonicFalconX is a unique artist. Although some of the recording quality is not perfect, the songs themselves are fantastic. HalcyonicFalconX's piano pieces posses a very nice style. Her songs are too good to describe.

I recently discovered an artist known as Reasoner. Reasoner has a calm style of piano music. I can't really pick any favorite songs from him; they are all excellent. He is one of the most professional users I've seen on Newgrounds.

thatcomposerguy is also another very professional person on Newgrounds. Like Reasoner, I also discovered him recently. Thatcomposerguy has really inspired me, and he uses various music styles.

In conclusion, there are many great composers on the Newgrounds Audio Portal.


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