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Daily Drawing

2010-03-02 20:49:04 by GladiusObscurus

Since I was very young, I've always loved drawing. As a matter of fact, I still do. This is why I am posting my Daily Doodle. From now on, I will post one scan of one of my drawings from 2009-2010 every day. I am doing this for two reasons. First, I don't have the time to edit, modify, or enhance them; so if anybody is willing to help me, please PM me. The second reason I am posting these is, obviously, to share them with you. They are pretty crappy, but with criticism, I will know what to improve on.

*Note: The drawings will be posted in order of which they were made


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2010-03-02 20:51:55

I love drawing too, my courses in College are about 3D animation, so my drawings eventually become 3D etc..

GladiusObscurus responds:

You're probably more experienced than me. I'm just a kid in middle school. If you have the time, please review the drawings I made. Thanks for the comment.


2010-03-02 20:59:57

Ok, No problem, Anytime you need advice or want help on something pm me

GladiusObscurus responds:

I recently started drawing a series known as "The Infection." It is a bunch of armed, pencil-drawn stick figures against a giant, black, pen-drawn blob.